Kris Abshire    Uncommon Elements/Esoteric Cloth
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Wall Kimono - Arctic Aurora

Wall Kimono
"Arctic Autumn: Proud Gauntlet of the Flesh"
silk, dyed, painted message embellishments

Wall Kimono - Autumn Aurora

Wall Kimono
"Autumn Aurora Night"
woven, dyed silk, silk arashi applique
metallic paint embellishments

"Going Down the Road to a New Life"
woven, knitted, hairpin lace and crochet
Red Hot Ode to Carmel!

"Red Hot Ode to Carmen!"
dyed, woven silk, interwoven sequin accents

Softball Players Like Music, Too

Big Sweater
"Softball Players Like Music, Too"
wool, mohair, woven, knitted, crochet, pieced

Back of Big Sweater

March 29, 1989 Lest We Forget
Wall Garment
"March 29, 1989: Lest We Forget"
wool, silk, glistening threads, woven
memorial flowers, "oil soaked" fish netting"

Joseph's Sister's Winter Coat
"Joseph's Sister's Winter Coat"
wool, metallic yarns, woven
cut, re-pieced, crochet embellishments